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“Hi, I was wondering if you know any stores that have products like 2NE1s style? Thanks~”

Annyeonghaseyo! Well, most of their clothing for concerts and stuff is Adidas. I personally buy clothes like theirs in Adidas stores!

Idk really where you live, so I can only link you to some online stores.

Hope I helped!

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“what happen to park bom ?”

You mean the drug scandal?

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“i love your blog so much :+))) pls go on it more though and update your music with music from crush and crush japanese”

Yeap, I will! Kamsamhabnida! I need to change like the whole layout ( ,T _ T)

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She’s so sexy <3

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The best &amp; baddest female


The best & baddest female

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Crush - Pink/Black Versions edit

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“Hey do you know what brand minzy, park bom and dara was wearing when they were dancing with jollibee (dara's instagram) the design is a red and black lips and (minzy) and coke-cola design (dara and bom)”


  • The blueCoca-Cola shirt Dara was wearing is Ashish Blue Coca Cola Classic Sequin Top ($1, 594).

Bom and Minzy were probably wearing Ashish too because their clothes are the same design as the shirt Dara was wearing.

Hope I helped!

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“uhm, what is the name of the show where bom, dara, and cl imitates minzy's face expression whenever she takes a selca?”

Annyeonghaseyo! I am not completely sure but I think it was an interview or something for 1theK. The video is currently not available.

mygif 2ne1 minzy park bom cl dara sandara park lee chaerin gong minji 2ne1edit

This one?
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“Hello, I'm the owner of fyleechaerin(.)tumblr(.)com and I would like to ask if I can join you affiliates list? :) (we are also searching for admins)”

Annyeonghaseyo! Sorry, we are not taking any new members at the moment, but you will be considered!

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“I begin, you can share my blog, please ?”

Annyeonghaseyo! Yeah, sure, why not?

Everyone go follow this 2NE1 dedicated blog! >^.^<

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Hello please visit my tumblr page and see my one of a kind Kpop t shirts and more! If you like visit my website! We have promotions, discounts and sales every month. Enter our current giveaway to win a 2ne1 hoodie!

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“thank you for this blog! you are so committed and I'm so thankful for all your hard work :)”

Kamsahamnida! Oh my Gosh that was so adorable, you made my day! (✿◠‿◠)

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[Photos] Press Photos of 2NE1 at “ALL OR NOTHING” World Tour in Seoul (Day 2) (March 2, 2014)


(Source: en.korea.com)

[Photos] Press Photos of CL at “ALL OR NOTHING” World Tour in Seoul (Day 2) (March 2, 2014)


(Source: en.korea.com)

[Pictures] Fantaken: 2NE1 at “ALL OR NOTHING” World Tour in Seoul (Day 1) (March 1, 2014)

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